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Salt & Fresh

COVID sent some of us to the isolation of our homes and apartments while others sought out nature for solitude and solace . On a sunny, windless day in late January 2021, I jumped into the Atlantic Ocean. From there it became a goal of swimming 100 different swim spots within that year and then capture each of them in an individual painting.

Creating 100 paintings was a daunting challenge, but valuable exercise in my art practice. They all began with a gesture drawing, followed by ink line work and then watercolour paint. I tried to capture the feeling of each place without overworking the painting. With each of the 100 paintings, my style became less tight and restricted.

The process of painting (in chronological order), labelling, preparing, and packing the 100 swim spot paintings allowed me to fondly revisit each adventure with its scenery, history, people, and weather. Below is a  sample of the 100 swim spot paintings which from the Salt & Fresh show.

IMG_0130 (2).JPG
IMG_0083 (2).JPG
fran .jpg
63. Clarke's Brook, Sept 1 2021.JPG
43. Searston Beach, Codroy Valley Aug. 1 2021.JPG
IMG_0052 (2).JPG
97. Sandy Point Oct. 29 2021.JPG
11. Salmon Pool Fox Island River june 19 2021.JPG
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