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Hurricane Fiona Fundraiser

I am selling the 10 of my swim spot paintings (*see below) from the recent Salt & Fresh exhibition . 100% of the profits from these sales will go to a local charity helping people in the areas most hardest hit along the southwest coast of Newfoundland.

Each painting is $150 (taxes included) + shipping

If you are interested in one of these works, please contact me at:

1. The Baldwin Sandbanks Provincial Park Jan30,  2021.JPG

1. The Baldwin, Sandbanks Provincial Park, Burgeo

Gull POnd_edited.jpg

2. Long Gull Pond

Flat BB_edited.jpg

3. Farm Pool, Flat Bay Brook

Ryan's Brrok_edited.jpg

4. Ryan's Brook, Codroy Valley

Romaines Brige_edited.jpg

5. Romaines River Bridge

The Ledges 2 Romaines River_edited.jpg

6. The Ledges, Romaines River


7. Simms Brook Falls

68. Piccadilly beach, Sept. 5 2021.JPG

8. Piccadilly Beach

IMG_0188 (2).JPG

9. Point au Mal

bmd .jpg

10. Blow Me Down Brook

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